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Welcome to CTF

Carney Training Facility (CTF) is a strength and conditioning gym located in Carlsbad, California.


Longtime NFL placekicker, John Carney, opened the facility to ensure that his high school, college, and pro athletes were getting the proper, skill-specific training they required.


Now, Carney has allowed the public to experience and benefit from the unique, no-nonsense gym.

What makes CTF different from all the other gyms?

1) Comprehensive Training: We blend a variety of training disciplines into the work-out…Free weights, resistance training, functional training, circuit training, plyometrics, rope climbing, and movement/flexibility training.

2) Atmosphere: The facility is independent and does not cater to the comfort-seeking, the casual, the lazy, or the procrastinators. Each gym member will experience the 5 elements of a champion: strength, balance, power, agility, flexibility, and explosion.


3) The Membership: Simple, and favors the public. At CTF, you can choose a monthly membership for a low monthly price or you may pay separately each day you train. 

4) Equipment: Free weights, dumbbells, squat rack, pull-up cage, cardio machines, cable machines, vertimax platform, tires, climbing ropes, sledgehammers, speed bag, ladder, sports turf, jump boxes, rings, and more.



One on one training detailed information

            GROUP TRAINING


C4 Circuit Training, Self Defense Classes 



Faciliites explanation

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